Greater Love Church, a church where the word of God is being preached, people are being transformed, healed, delivered and set free! You will be inspired and encouraged to cleave unto the Lord in these last evil days. We are a Church that’s on the cutting edge! We teach, “If God has said it, he will surely bring it to pass.” We are a Church where “we love you no matter what you are going through.” Remember, God loves you more. Come and visit, I believe your life will never be the same in Jesus Name.



Harvey Lee Spencer

Senior Pastor

Harvey Spencer, Senior Pastor Greater Love Church. I want to thank you for visiting our website. I consider myself a visionary. The word of God says, “without a vision, the people will perish.”

God has blessed me to become a songwritter, producer and entrepreneur. My passion is to win souls, teach and preach God’s word with power and demonstration of his power.

We teach people, “you can do all things through Christ Jesus. If God has put something in your spirit to do, just do it.”

Come by, and visit us during one of our weekly services, I guarantee you will be blessed by the praise and worship and the word of God.

Victoria Spencer

First Lady

Victoria Spencer, First Lady Greater Love Church. Think it not strange that you are scrolling through our website. We truely love the people of God.

God has done such wonderful things for me, by allowing me to oversee the Church Administration, Women’s Department, and to assist Pastor Harvey Spencer as he leads such a wonderful group of people.

We strive to push people to their purpose! “If God said it, count it done. He is not a man that he should lie.”

We are visionary people at Greater Love Church.

Come and get your blessing.